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on-site & regional training seminars

Tempcon provides up to six different weeks of DDC and Pneumatic controls and HVAC systems training.  We have been providing these programs for 35 years and over 4,500 attendees.  Our training courses are aimed at the types of HVAC control and systems found in institutional clients (government/military, universities, colleges, hospitals, public schools and larger companies).  

Our sole business is to provide the best unbiased training programs on HVAC systems, DDC & Pneumatic controls.  We have no affiliation with any HVAC controls or systems manufacturer or service provider.

Our on-site seminars are customized to meet the types of systems in your facility and/or the backgrounds and needs of your personnel.  We also like to use your own mechanical rooms and HVAC system drawings along with our training simulators for a more realistic program.  During our programs we can address specific HVAC control and system problems at your facility without additional charge.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your training needs..

Seminar Media

  • Interactive DDC simulators with graphic programming allow complete set-up and troubleshooting of HVAC systems. PC's are networked to the DDC panels.
  • Pneumatic and DDC in a combined seminar of typical HVAC system controls in an institutional environment.
  • Complete textbooks on the subject seminar for each attendee
  • Graphical programming with live systems controlled by the DDC Module Controller. System graphics allow a more realistic training environment .