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Onsite Seminars 

The cost to present one of our one-week training seminars at your location depends on the number of attendees and the location from our office as follows:

Up to 10 Attendees
Full week seminar per person:    $1,000 Total: $10,000

12 Attendees
Full week seminar per person:    $917 Total: $11,000

14 Attendees
Full week seminar per person:    $857 Total: $12,000

16 Attendees
Full week seminar per person:    $812 Total: $13,000

Attendees (maximum)
Full week seminar per person:    $778 Total: $14,000

These costs include complete textbooks for each attendee, all classroom materials, all living expenses for our instructor, and a completion certificate for each attendee. The only other cost is personal travel and equipment shipping expense computed at $2.00 per one-way mile from our office up to a maximum of $2,500.00 for courses conducted in the continental US.  Courses outside of the US are billed at actual travel and shipping costs.  High cost areas such as New York City, San Francisco, Washington, DC may require a added charge for transportation and lodging.  If two or more courses are conducted back-to-back the per-week cost is reduced by $500.00 per course per week. Custom courses are available to include 3-day, subject combined and application specific programs.  All of our courses are customizable based on the attendees backgrounds, systems at your facilities and your training objectives.

Our only requirements to conduct an on-site seminar are a good classroom environment with a computer and transparency projector, two large whiteboards, one 3'x6' or larger table per three attendees, one computer monitor per 3 attendees (If conducting DDC course beyond 500 miles) . We provide all controls training simulators, PC's, valves and damper motors, test equipment, textbooks, computers.