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About Us

Jim Houck

All our seminars are conducted by Jim Houck, who has been conducting them for over 45 years. Well over 5,000 people have attended his seminars with overwhelming enthusiasm (personal references available upon request). Jim started in the HVAC control system field 50 years ago with a major controls company. His expertise in everything from field problems to design engineering gives him a unique perspective on the HVAC controls field. He has served as an HVAC controls system trainer and consultant to many major universities, military installations, hospitals, schools and industrial concerns.


Over 600 facilities have sent over 5,000 personnel to our regional seminars.
A few locations where we have conducted  from one to over twenty weeks of on-site training seminars:
US Navy (15 bases)
US Army (11 bases)
US Air Force (13 bases)
Architect of the US Capitol
Harvard University
University of Vermont
Dartmouth College
University of Vt. Medical Center
Middlebury College
Smith College
University of New Hampshire
US Department of Energy
US Coast Guard
National Air Guard Bases
Columbia University
University of Massachusetts
North Carolina State
NYU Medical Center
Danbury Hospital
St. Joseph's Hospital
Oberlin College
Brandeis University
Boston University
Carnegie-Mellon University
Georgia Power Company
University of Georgia
Walter Reed AMC
15 Public School Systems
Rutgers University
Orlando, FL Airport
Johnson Controls
Verizon Communications
Mary Hitchcock Hospital
Colby College
University of Maine
State University of N.Y.
Cummins Engine Co.
Duke University
York Hospital
P & S Hospital
University of Rhode Island
Evergreen College
Brown University
Vassar College
Thomas Jefferson University
Children's Hospital
Phillips Exeter
Illinois State University
University of Akron
St. Michael's College
Hartford University
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Virginia Medical Centers
Seattle University
VA Medical Centers
Millipore Corp